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Obang is a performative installation space designed for babies aged 6 to 18 months along with their care-givers, and is inspired by the traditional Korean concept of Obang. In this work, Obang refers to five primary colours and explores the spatial meaning of home.

You are invited to a Korean grandmother’s home for a meal. Together you will experience her daily life, including cooking, singing, washing and story-telling. Obang is a joyful and interactive experience featuring puppetry, story and free-play in an immersive environment.

This project was seeded by City of Melbourne through ArtPlay’s New Ideas Lab.

Image by: Sarah Walker


Artist: YeeWen Soo, Youbi Lee
Costume Maker: EunSook Han
Lighting Designer: Bronwyn Pringle
Stage Manager: Hannah Murphy
Mentor: Sarah Lockwood ,Liz Francis
Sound artists: Dale Gorfinkel, Sol Lee
Special thanks- Dara & her family, Gabriela Arenas, Margaret Mayhew,  Mahla Karimiyan, Meg Collis, double Tims and Miro

Present at

Art Play, City of Melbourne February 2020

AsiaTopa February 2020

Salamanca Arts Centre, TAS March 2020

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