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woodcut workshop poster

The workshops ‘WOODCUT FOOT PRINTS’ have been focused on the idea of sharing skills and stories, with it being framed to participants as an easy, cheap and fun process. The workshops used a lot of cheap materials as alternatives to the expensive, professional equipment woodprints usually seem to require, thus enabling participants to make their own woodcuts independently. For example, rather than using a proper printing press, participants can use their feet to ‘dance’ on the woodblock, thus making a print. This method was inspired by Taring Padi, an Indonesian woodblock activist group.

Since 2015 I organised a number of woodcut printmaking workshop for mainly refugees, asylum seekers and activists.  Most of the participants had not made any wood-block prints before, and the workshops only went for a couple of hours. Despite these limitations, the participants were able to create the amazing artworks.

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