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OMOON (2020.6) Toilet roll puppet, Film /Color/No language/0:05:28

SOUR DREAM (2011.12) Installation, Film /Color/No language/0:04:14

Organization of proliferation for ‘south taste buds stimulating worm’
(2008.10) Film, performance, interactive/Color/English subtitle/0:04:02

Therefore, R lost the god
(2009.12) Animation/Color/No language/0:06:12

(2010.9) performance/Color/No language/0:02:30

Therefore, the god lost ‘R’
(2010) Animation/Mono/No language/0:04:48

The big brother, who is that?
(2008.9) Film/Mono/No language/0:01:58

The last red complex
(2009.12) Film/color/Korean language/0:04:58

Dry eye syndrome (2011.9)
Performance/Color/No language/0:05:13

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