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2 35심플

Supported by: Chugye University for the Arts
Coordinator: UB
Artists: Dasom, Jonghee, Yerry, Jiyon, Sonhee, Dongsu, Kam, Sangwha, Hyona, Sangho, Sujin, Garam, Dongil, Yongsun, Nare, Yeyon, Gyong yon, Minje, YoungJun, Yong  and the residences of North Ahyon

Stair Case is painting a series of large murals onto the stairs of the hilly suburb of Seoul. This project involved working with over 100 residents, 20 artists, staff from Chugye University of Arts and members of the local council. The art students created design for the stair mural with residents and painted with them. Overall, the residents responded positively to the project, and it inspired further connections and collaborations.

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