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Photo: Jean Etienne


Do you flag left, right, middle…? This project was born out of several conversations about gay male history, flagging, the hanky code and Melbourne lesbian history.

UB and Anj have created 11 original hanky artworks. Featuring Lesbian women having a gay old time based on the style of the hanky colours. Some are the classics, some are modern takes and some are our own versions. Anj has created a colour zine, containing the artwork and interviews with Melbourne Lesbians about Melbourne lesbian history featuring all artwork and some very excellent images of dyke history.

Hanky code
Grey- Bondage
Robin’s Egg Blue- 69
Fuchsia- Spanking
Green- Bootblacking
Magenta- Armpits
Picnic Patten- Sex outside
Hounds tooth- Biting
Gold – threesome
Orange (x2)- up for anything
White- Voyeurism

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