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Moreland City Council presents Coburg Carnivale: Asian Grocery a new immersive space designed specifically for the Carnivale. Asian Grocery is an installation created by UB (Youbi Lee). Inspired by the question ‘What is Asia?’ This emerging artist has created a store full of kitsch items for you to discover and will offer printmaking workshops so you can contribute to the collective live art space.

Coburg Carnivale (Low Res JPEGs)-134

When visiting this quirky and mysterious store you will be greeted by the store’s friendly art grocer and guided through your own unique experience of the art installation space. With the kitsch-o-meter set to full on here it’s impossible not to become immersed in this playful space where traditions, symbols and objects from this abundantly diverse region provide an interesting cultural lens inspiring conversation and creativity.

Photo by James

Moreland Council 

‘Asian Grocery’ has been nominated as a ‘Best Live Art’ award at the 2017 Melbourne Fringe Festival.

Fringe nomination
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