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Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 art program


‘Dr. Lee’s Shamanic Charms House’ is an art installation space which provides a unique, kitsch shamanistic experience. This will be contained within a 3mx3m marquee space taking inspiration from shamanism and kitsch cultures in contemporary Asia, with a mix of traditions and symbols combined with manufactured objects. The public can enter the space, inspect the objects and get a free paper charm. The charms are based on the concept of Asian shamanism; traditionally paper charms drawn by shamans to help people with luck, health, money, love and success. However, this project playfully teases the orientalism that can go with these practices. The images on the paper charms are material, rather than spiritual: they touch on social issues including climate change, inequality, obsession etc. These remixed pseudo-shaman charms will be distributed by artist UB(Dr.Lee), who will be adorned in quirky Asian shamanic costume and interact with members of the public in a performative manner. Throughout the process, Dr. Lee will engage the audience in conversations about their life and distribute suitable paper charms for participants. This project aims to play with Rainbow Serpent’s vibrant, diverse atmosphere, making the familiar unfamiliar and providing a fun space to consider the tapestry of cultures.

Dumpling pray

Rainbow Serpent Festival 2018 art program

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